Het Grote Defensiedebat

For many years, defense was a theme that hardly affected the political debate in Belgium. Yet today, the foundations of Belgian national security are becoming a matter of debate. It is undeniable that Belgium cannot escape the consequences of protracted conflicts and growing tensions worldwide. What can Belgium’s military apparatus do to cope with this? Do we need new investments in defence? And if so, where should our priorities lie? How can the next government deliver on its international commitments in times of budgetary scarcity? Are our means still in line with our objectives? Or will a dwindling military workforce cause problems in the long run? On 23 May, Hendrik Bogaert (CD&V), Philip Claeys (Vlaams Belang), Melissa Depraetere (Sp.a), Wouter De Vriendt (Groen), Theo Francken (N-VA) and Tim Vandenput (Open Vld) debated these questions and many more.


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